The “A” panel is used primarily for an alternative look for wall and facia fronts in lieu of our more common exposed fastener panel, the PBR panel.

  • Proven Technology
  • Durable Structure
  • Reliable Panel System

The “A” panel provides an attractive architectural aesthetic at a fraction of the cost of a concealed fastener system. The fasteners are only visible when viewed from directly facing the wall. The “A” panel has a nice clean look for your wall application; the fasteners are screwed down in the inset rib, lessening the visual impact of the “screw line”. This metal panel has a 36” wide coverage, featuring a 1-1/4” deep inset rib at 12” o.c. with a shallow vee between.

SBI’s “A” panel can be installed over wall girts, metal studs and hat channel, and solid wood substrates. The “A” panel can even be installed vertically or horizontally as a wall panel. It can be used for fascias, parapets, liners, walls, and soffit. SBI can manufacture panels up to 50’ in length.

SBI’s standard “A” panel comes in a 26Ga. thickness with SP40 color or acrylic coated galvalume finish. Options for the “A” panel include: special colors, Kynar finish, 22Ga. and 24Ga. thickness.

You can download a copy of our Standard Manual by clicking here.

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