SBI produces the PBR panel as a standard for your exposed fastener roof and wall applications.

  • Proven Technology
  • Durable Structure
  • Reliable Panel System

This metal panel has a 36” wide coverage, featuring a 1-1/4” tall rib at 12” o.c. with 2 minor ribs between. The PBR panel has an extra purlin bearing leg feature that makes it much stronger than the old “R” panel, which is still used by some companies.

When used as metal roofing, the PBR panel is commonly installed on roof slopes as low as 1:12. This panel can be installed as a metal roof over both purlins and decked applications. The PBR panel can be installed vertically or horizontally as a wall panel. PBR can easily be used for fascias, liners, walls, and soffit. SBI can manufacture panels up to 50’ in length.

SBI’s standard PBR panel comes in a 26Ga. thickness with SP40 color or acrylic coated galvalume finish. Options for the PBR panel include: special colors, Kynar finish, 22Ga. and 24Ga. thickness.

You can download a copy of our Standard Manual by clicking here.

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