High Quality Steel

Variety of Thicknesses and Colors, Including the Option of Custom Colors


From the smallest nuts and bolts to panels, roofing materials, and more, we have components that are easy to install and make your building unique, personalized and functional. We manufacture these components and have them readily available to help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Custom pieces are available for special applications and can be fabricated and welded per your plans to meet your specific needs. From as little as one sheet to truckloads, we can provide you with as little or as much steel as you need to complete your project. 

We use only the highest quality steel in all of our products and have a variety of colors to choose from. Take a look at our color chart and all of our products and contact us today to get a free quote on your metal building!

Click each of our panels for more information:


SBI TSS-324 will remain weather-tight and maintenance-free on your commercial or industrial building for years. SBI roll forms this robust metal roof system that’s designed for tomorrow – with components and techniques that outperform others by specifically addressing current and anticipated building codes and roofing requirements.


SBI produces the PBR panel as a standard for your exposed fastener applications. This is the “workhorse “of the metal building industry. It is used for roof panel, wall panel, soffit panel, and liner panel. We produce PBR metal panels 36” wide coverage, and up to 50’ long. This profile features a 1-1/4” tall rib at 12” o.c. with 2 minor ribs between.


The “A” panel is used primarily for an alternative look for wall and facia fronts in lieu of our more common exposed fastener panel, the PBR panel. The “A” panel provides an attractive architectural aesthetic at a fraction of the cost of a concealed fastener system.


Tuff-Rib is a roof and wall panel, ideal for the use of residential, light commercial, farm and ranch buildings, canopies and storage buildings.

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