Metal Buildings and Solar Panels

Most of the energy on Earth comes from the sun. People are starting to value the sun’s free energy more. Solar energy collectors that turn sunshine into electricity—known as photovoltaic (PV) panels or solar panels—are becoming more common on rooftops in many parts of the U.S.  Almost any flat or southerly-facing roof can generate electricity. And it turns out metal roofs—such as are found on many metal buildings and other commercial roofs—make excellent hosts for solar panels.  They’re a good match for three reasons: installation advantage, life expectancy, and cool, suitable conditions.

Solar panels provide a clean and renewable source of power for your steel building by absorbing the sunlight as a source of energy to generate electricity or heat. When sunlight shines on the cells, electrons are knocked loose from their atoms, causing them to flow which generates electricity.

Why Metal Buildings Are Great For Solar Panels

One of the main reasons why individuals are beginning to use solar panels in conjunction with their metal building kits is because of the cost savings that they are able to see. For starters when choosing to use metal building kits or prefab metal structures, you are already ahead of the game in terms of cost of construction. And when installing solar you are simply adding to that cost savings over the long run. Not to mention that due to the way that metal building kits are designed and constructed, it is very easy to implement solar panels into the initial design. Or even add them after a structure has already been built.

Adding solar panels can seem daunting. But if you’re working with metal buildings, metal roofs are actually a great choice because of their long-lasting sturdiness. The durability of steel, which features weather and rust resistance, provides a secure surface for both business and residential solar panels. Metal roofs typically last for 40-50 years, so adding solar panels to a brand new barn or shed is a smart move. Builders have known for a long time that steel is a superior choice for a wide variety of structures. The metal is affordable, durable, lightweight, and easy to maintain. A well-designed building built on a properly prepared site can last a lifetime.

Benefits of Solar Panels

You may be wondering what happens to the value of your panels when the sun goes down. Solar energy isn’t just available to you during daylight hours. If you are generating more electricity than you can use during sunny days, it’s possible to use net metering to “bank” your unused energy as it’s generated and draw on the balance later as needed. Homebuilders and contractors often tout the benefits of cool metal roofing (e.g. metal roofs coated with reflective paint) to keep your home cool in the summer and reduce your energy use. Metal roofs reflect more sunlight than traditional black asphalt shingles, and some also have reflective paint to increase this effect. Installing PV solar panels can take your electric bill savings a step further simply by shading the roof’s surface.

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